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The new Phantom Classic

The Brauner Phantom C was the result of a design approach aimed at creating an affordable microphone that still maintains aspects and characteristics Brauner microphones are famous for.

A sonic character that is natural and lifelike, clear and transparent without being harsh boasting excellent technical specs and true german built quality. No compromise, Nowhere.

These are the benchmarks that made Brauner microphones world famous. Following  the great success of the limited Phantom Anniverary Edition released to celebrate Brauners’s 10th Anniversary, the New Phantom Classic is being released to carry the tradition of the Phantom C into the future thus making the Brauner sound and performance more affordable to recordists with the highest expectations and perhaps limited budgets who have no room for compromised results.

The Phantom Classic is a phantom powered condenser microphone with fixed cardioid pattern based on the famous VM1 capsule design. It offers the same wonderfully natural characteristics that have made Brauner microphones universally sought after

and beautifully suited for a wide range of applications.